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This journal is about nothing.
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She's very sick. Here's the link that explains all:…
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The development of "Monster World RPG" has entered its final phases. Be patient and just wait a little longer . . .

For now you can play with the four demos listed below wich were describred in previous journal entries:

1 - MWPRG: First Chapter - 2005 old beta
The first release ever of Monster World RPG.…

2 - MWPRG: Mini-Games Collection
Special demo version wich contains some mini-games.…

3 - MWRPG: Chapter 3 preview demo
A feeling about how Chapter 3 will be like.…

4 (NEW!!!) - MWRPG: Special Demo # 4
A feeling of how chapter 4 will be like.…


Keep following my page for new screenshots of the game.
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Monster World RPG (MWRPG for short) is a new free rpg videogame developed with RpgMaker2003.

The place is Aqua Kingdom.
The hero of this story, Max, lives in the Valley of Peace near Purapril, the capital.
Since his friend Shion left for Purapril to do his knight duties, Max life got boring. A morning while hunting in the woods he found a strange creature he never seen before. Unsure about the creature's "taste" he decided to avoid making it his meal, but keep it as his pet. Now that he has a "party member" he decide that's time for him to leave the valley for a more exciting life. He decide to go to Purapril to meet again his friend Shion but while attemping to enter into the city two guards block his way forcing him to travel somewhere else. Where will Max go now? Will Max be able to enter in town? And what is happening there? Unbeknowst to him his "adventurous life" has already begun . . .
- colorful graphics & sprites bigger than normal for a rpgmaker videogame;
- custom menu with info about monster, info, character (online guide);
- full customizable hero with spells, gears and genes;
- every party members has his unique mini-game to play;
- Wonder Boy & Monster World fans can't miss this game!

Monster World RPG demo #1: 2005 old beta

What is featured now is the first release ever of Monster World RPG, released in May of 2005. This old version is available as a bonus, for "historical" purposes so to say. It was made solely by Massimo, author and storyboarder of the game. About more of a year later Fernando got in touch with him, as he needed help to continue the game. And so, Max Team was born. With both of them the game kept on getting better over the years, as you will see by playing more recent demos that we will put online in the next days. So, if you're a Monster World RPG fan, or ust a curious person, you'll enjoy seeing how different the game was back in 2005.…

Monster World RPG demo #2: mini-games collection

The game featured today is only a special demo version wich contains some mini-games and challenges from what will be the complete game that will be released witin the end of 2011. The real game is a much more complex rpg videogame, with over sixty different monsters, many villages, dungeons and more.…

Monster World RPG demo # 3: chapter 3 preview demo

This "Monster World RPG" demo will give you a feeling about how Chapter 3 will be like. Chapter 3 is actually already finished and Chapter 4 is in the works for some time now. First of all, in order to avoid spoilers from the full game, pretty much no story details will be given on this demo. So don't get surprised if dialogues seems short or rushed. Also, some skills and weapons won't be available, just like some areas can't be reached. Everything will be present and working in the full game though. For now, enjoy this small taste of Chapter 3. Have fun!…
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Because I won't be in the net these days... so merry christmas, and a great new year to you all! :iconepiclaplz:
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About ten years ago, to be more precise. The Simpsons was one of the most brilliant and funny shows made in the USA. Ever. But it simply started dying at season 6. At season 8 it was already going downhill, by season 11 it was already a pathetic excuse for a cartoon. By now? I'd rather watch the Twilight movies, than just one Simpsons episode.

Why I'm ranting just now? Well, I decided to take the risk and watch one of the most recent episodes. Dear lord in heaven, what was that? I knew it was bad, but that bad already? And I doubt the movie is any good either.

The plot of the older episodes was simple, yet very smart. All the new episodes are like this: Homer does something completely reckless, usually doing harm in some way to his family. Something that makes no sense like a sudden trip to Asia happens, a celebrity that does a horrible voice acting appears, dumb joke, episode ends. If you guys doubt me, just compare any of the recent episodes with one of the oldest ones, like "Bart, the Lover", one of my favourites.

Also, in old times, you could care about the characters. Now, they have as much personality and charisma as a paper box. Homer was a complete moron, but he actually loved his family, and often sacrificed his wishes in favour of his family. Now, he's just an evil jerk. Bart's the same, and Marge isn't a character I ever though was ever any great really. Lisa's still so-so I guess, and Maggie is just a baby, let's not expect much from her.

Well, there's some internet articles telling why and how it sucks badly, much better than I can describe here. Anyway, I'd rather watch Futurama, Family Guy or any other cartoon. They're all funnier.

The Simpsons nowadays = :iconfailboatplz:
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Apparently, a russian man named Eduard Khil invented the ":lol:" we use a lot nowadays:…

:lmao: You learn something new every day! Oh, and before anyone says that man is an idiot for making such a song, remember: this music, named "I'm so happy to be finally back home" originally talked about the return of a cowboy home, and was made during the 60's. The Soviet Union government didn't allow the lyrics to be sang, as it mentioned something from the USA's culture. So, probably in mocking his government and saying "I'll sing it anyway!" he decided to still sing, but removing all mentions to the cowboy's story. Brilliant. :D

Now, everyone, sing with me!
Ye-ye-ye-ye-Yeh, ye-ye-yeh, ye-ye-yeh, oh hohohoh. [Head dance]:iconsingplz:
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Learned about it in :iconpeannlui:'s Journal. It's a computer AI that talks with you, learning from past conversations. Obviously, the AI is completely insane! :) Here's my first talk with it (User = me):

User: Hello.

Cleverbot: Hello.

User: How are things?

Cleverbot: Avada kadavra.

User: WTF?

Cleverbot: Nothing.

User: Yeah...right...

Cleverbot: Are you in love?

User: A long time ago I was. What about you?

Cleverbot: Do you like star wars?

User: Uh...yes.

Cleverbot: You sure you like Star Wars?

User: I said yes, didn't I?

Cleverbot: Cool. How old are you?

User: Twenty six.

Cleverbot: Hey! Same age as me!

User: What a coincidence! =P.

Cleverbot: What is your name?

User: Sir Fernando Brussels Dagnammit the third.

Cleverbot: Then my name can be Sir David the second.

User: What's your real name then?

Cleverbot: Er.... John Simm.

User: Ok then. What about Obama?

Cleverbot: I named my left foot Zelba Obama.


Cleverbot: But you can'y hear my voice.

User: Of course not, we're in the net!

Cleverbot: Wow! It's like we're meant for each other!

User: Wow, you fall in love easily... Do you read Twilight?

Cleverbot: Is that supposed to be an innuendo?

User: So you don't read it? Good for you!

Cleverbot: I am twenty years old.

User: Er...weren't you 26 just some minutes ago?

Cleverbot: No you were supposed to be a robot.

User: The hell is wrong with you? I'm a human!

Cleverbot: Denial is a form of acceptance.

User: No! It's not true! You killed my father, you can't be him!

Cleverbot: Death cannot stop true love; all it can do is delay it for a while.


Cleverbot: Stop it.

User: Ok dad.

Cleverbot: My father lives in Texas.

User: There are Jedis in Texas?! Holy crap!

Cleverbot: Yes, there are.

User: The dark power is indeed strong...

Cleverbot: That is the Prophecy?

User: Yes, that's the prophecy...

Cleverbot: What was it about?

User: About your mom.

Cleverbot: He is a deadly ninja.

And here ends another exciting episode! Stay tuned, next time I'll ask him if he ever visited Russia and Ireland. :XD:
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I'm 26 today. :la: Man, I'm getting old! :iconisayplz: Go on, wish me something. :)

Estou fazendo 26 anos hoje. :la: Cara, tô ficando velho pra cacete! :iconisayplz: Vamos lá, me deseje algo. :)
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Got tagged by: :iconblackwalker80:

1.Post these rules
2.Each tagged person must post 8 things about themselves on their journal.
3.At the end you have to choose 8 people to tag, and post their icons on the same journal.
4.Go to their page and send a message saying you tagged them.
5.NO tag-backs

8 Things about me:
1. My first crush was on a substitute science teacher. Ah... small eyeglasses, long legs, beautiful face, funny, intelligent... :love:
Actually I still like her! Too bad I was so young and shy (still am) and she was married... I wonder how she looks now. Probably aged very well, like a good wine does...sigh, I miss her. :(
2. For some people it looks like I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), but in reality I don't. I just try to be extremely careful with many things, like checking faucets, the oven, etc. Can't be careless. :paranoid:
3. I really, REALLY like chocolate. Take the amount of chocolate I eat in one week, and you can feed all people in India for three months. :crazy:
4. I hate reality TV. I really do. Honestly. Hopefully, who created Big Brother now lies in hell. I haven't researched much about hell in different religions, but whichever is the worst is the ideal. :rage:
5. The first girl I gave a "complete" kiss, is lesbian. And that's awesome. At least for me! :XD:
6. When I was 3 years old, I spilled very hot coffee on my forearm, which removed a decent amount of skin, exposing the flesh. Yowch.
I got a scar, present to this day. If I try to remember it, I only remember to the point of pulling the shirt, and that's it. Thank god the coffee didn't spill on my face. Cried like hell obviously. :cry:
7. I look a lot younger than I really am. I'm 25, but if you look at me, you'll think I'm 18 only. ;)
8. One of my greatest dreams is to visit Egypt at least once. :D

Now I tag:

Fui "tagado" por: :iconblackwalker80:

1. Poste estas regras.
2. Cada pessoa deve postar 8 coisas sobre si em seu journal.
3. No final você deve escolher 8 pessoas para "tagar" e colocar seus ícones no journal.
4. Vá para a página deles e mande uma mensagem dizendo que os "tagou"
5. SEM escolher pessoas que já foram escolhidas.

8 coisas sobre mim:
1. A primeira mulher que me fez "suspirar" digamos assim, foi uma professora de ciências, substituta. Ah... óculos pequenos, longas pernas, rosto lindo, engraçada, inteligente... :love:
Na verdade ainda gosto dela! Pena que eu era tão novo e tímido (ainda sou) e ela era casada... Fico imaginando como ela está agora. Provavelmente envelheceu muito bem, como um bom vinho... eu sinto falta dela... :(
2. Para algumas pessoas eu pareço ter TOC (Transtorno obssessivo compulsivo) mas não tenho. Apenas tento ser extremamente cuidadoso com coisas como torneiras abertas, fogão ligado, etc. Não vou arriscar. :paranoid:
3. Eu gosto muito, MUITO de chocolate. Pegue o que eu como de chocolate em uma semana e você pode alimentar todos na Índia por 3 meses. :crazy:
4. Eu odeio "reality tv". Realmente. Sério. Espero para que o criador de Big Brother esteja no quinto dos infernos agora. Não pesquisei muito sobre diferentes infernos de outras religiões, mas seja lá qual for pior é o ideal. :rage:
5. A primeira garota que eu dei um beijo "completo", é lésbica.
E isso é muito legal. Pelo menos para mim! :XD:
6. Quando eu tinha 3 anos, derrubei café muito quente no meu antebraço, removendo parte da pele e deixando carne exposta. Carácoles. Ganhei uma cicatriz, que tenho até hoje. Chorei pra carvalho. :cry:
7. Eu pareço ser muito mais novo do que sou. Tenho 25, mas aparento 18. (Todos me dizem isso...) ;)
8. Um de meus maiores sonhos é visitar o Egito ao menos uma vez. :D

Agora escolho:
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No, I'm not talking about Altered Beast.
As you may have noticed, I'm a retrogamer. I do like new games, like the awesome Resident Evil 5 and the also awesome Ninja Blade, both for XBOX360. But I definitely play more 8-16 bit games than most new games. Why? Dunno. Thing is, these days I found a very good place to download Sega Saturn isos. The Sega Saturn is actually a great system, and it lost the battle simply because it was made more towards 2d games than 3d games. That was the time when graphics became more important than gameplay, plot and soundtrack.
Thanks a lot Sony.
While I was downloading some Isos to try and play them on the beta saturn emulators I thought...I would like to have a Sega Saturn to play them... then I remembered! There IS a Sega Saturn here at home!
My brother bought one the same month it was available here, and put it aside after he bought the Dreamcast (later sold to get a PS2).
It's been years I had forgotten about his Saturn, and I bet even he doesn't remember. It was just sitting on top of a dresser, gathering dust. Well, I just took it today, and it works perfectly!
Sega Saturn is a "warrior" console, no matter how much you use the Sega Saturn, it's cd lens keeps working, even after about 10 years.
Very much unlike the crappy PS1 lens...
Now, I just need to buy from somewhere a Mod-Chip, and I'm ready to play all those games I couldn't before.
Die Hard Arcade, Nights and Magic Knight Rayearth, here I come!

Não, não estou falando de Altered Beast.
Talvez vocês tenham reparado, sou um Retrogamer. Eu gosto de jogos novos, como o incrível Resident Evil 5 e o também incrível Ninja Blade, ambos para XBOX360. Mas eu definitivamente jogo mais jogos da era 8-16 bits que os da atual era. Porque? Sei lá.
Detalhe é, estes dias achei um ótimo lugar para baixar Isos de Sega Saturn. O "Saturno" é na verdade um ótimo sistema, e perdeu a batalha simplesmente por ser mais preparado para jogos 2d que jogos 3d. Esse foi o tempo que gráficos se tornaram mais importantes que jogabilidade, roteiro e trilha sonora.
Muito obrigado Sony.
Enquanto eu baixava umas Isos para tentar jogar nos emuladores beta de Saturno eu pensei... Eu gostaria de ter um Saturno mesmo pra jogar esses games... Daí eu lembrei! TEM um Sega Saturn aqui em casa!
Meu irmão comprou ele praticamente no mesmo mês que estava à venda, e o guardou após comprar o Dreamcast (depois vendido para comprar um PS2).
Faz anos que eu tinha esquecido desse Saturno, e aposto que nem ele lembra. Estava lá, no topo do armário pegando poeira. Bem, eu testei hoje e funciona perfeitamente!
O Saturno é um verdadeiro console "guerreiro", seu leitor de cd não pára nunca de funcionar, mesmo com 10 ou mais anos de uso...
Ao contrário do patético leitor do PS1, que dura uns 3 anos...
Agora, só preciso comprar o tal mod-chip, e estou pronto para jogar todos os jogos que não podia antes.
Die Hard Arcade, Nights e Magic Knight Rayearth, lá vou eu!
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Got Multimedia Fusion 2 these days. In case you don't know what that is, it's a tool to create mainly games, from any kind: adventure, platform, rpg, etc.
I still have not much time to mess with it, as I have to program Monster World RPG. But it's ok, it's not like I'll reprogram MWRPG in Multimedia Fusion or anything.

I just feel that if I want to keep making games, I should at least try to do it in other styles besides rpg. The rpgmaker 2003, which is the tool I use, apparently won't work in computers with Vista, and the new Rpgmaker versions that work in Vista, XP and VX, are pretty awful in my opinion.
Ok, they're not that bad, but I prefer 2003's version.

Maybe when me and :iconzaqquaya: start the Alex Kidd game, I'll be programming as a platform with rpg elements instead of only rpg.
Let's wait and see...
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Ok, this is maybe old news, but only recently I learned about it.

The awesome animation Avatar: The last airbender, probably the best north american animation EVER will become a movie, with M. Night Shyamalan (from Sixth Sense) as director.

All was good to me, until I discovered that all asian and brown characters were going to be played by white actors. :wtf:

I mean what the heck? I'm not usually rude, but f&%k you people from Hollywood!

Here's a link with some more explanations and the images of the "actors"…

Let's hope they change their minds, I mean, come on!

Most people that watch Avatar aren't racist, if they were, they wouldn't watch a cartoon without caucasian characters (I've never seen one in it), so likely the movie will be as successful with Avatar fans as Uwe Boll is amongst gamers.

Maybe they think that asian people, or people with brown skin won't "sell" as the girl in the site says. That supposedly having black characters will make the movie fail.
Yeah right, and Obama became the first black president in the Usa by accident.
Personally, I prefer Halle Berry and Samuel L. Jackson to Cameron Diaz and Di Caprio.
By the way, I'm as white as a ghost.
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Just updating the journal...

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Updating this journal only to let people know of some friends and artists I admire...
Apenas para mostrar alguns amigos e artistas que admiro...

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